About Wooy

Why Wooy?

“Wooy” comes from the word “Wóoy”, which means “help” in Wolof.
We believe that a great team and a conscious use of technology can shape the future of charity and turn it into a key component of a self-sustainable business model.
The more we are, the more we can help, and the better the prizes we can give away. We are a group of tech enthusiasts who want to provide a rewarding way to help and create a new generation of donors!

What is Wooy?

Wooy is the first free web3 platform that allows you to win incredible prizes and once in a lifetime experiences simply by depositing money. That’s all we need you to do!
You generate chances by allowing Wooy to send your funds to decentralized finance protocols. Both chances and donations come from the earnings generated on those protocols. The money you deposit is never touched!
You get to make life better for others at the same time you keep your money in full without ever risking it.
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Why Wooy?
What is Wooy?