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About Wooy

Why Wooy?

“Wooy” comes from the word “Wóoy”, which means “help” in Wolof.
We believe that a great team and a conscious use of technology can shape the future of charity and turn it into a key component of a self-sustainable business model.
The more we are, the more we can help, and the better the prizes we can give away. We are a group of tech enthusiasts who want to provide a rewarding way to help and create a new generation of donors!

What is Wooy?

Wooy is a blockchain-based platform that supports environmental and social initiatives. We do this by creating innovative campaigns together with companies where we enable users to win unique prizes and experiences while generating impact.
Users subscribe to win these prizes through a lossless participation model. And before you ask, yes, they can withdraw in full at any time, with no lock-up periods or any fees at all.
While our users participate, we generate interests in well-known crypto protocols, such as Aave or Compound (we are non-custodial). Those interests are used to generate donations and their original amount remains unaffected. That’s why we like to say it’s free!
For every prize we partner with companies to improve their ESG performance by generating this incredible campaigns, showing their brands interacting with users to raise funds for sustainable initiatives.