Getting Started

You’ll need three things to join Wooy:

1) A cryptocurrency wallet
Wooy is compatible with a wide variety of wallets. Some of the most popular are Metamask, Orange, and Rainbow.
At the moment, we only accept deposits via Polygon. You first have to add the network to your wallet if you haven’t done so already.
At the moment, we only accept USDC. More tokens coming soon!
You can get USDC on centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, or fiat on-ramps, if you want to buy it directly with your credit card or your bank account balance. Check the section “Getting USDC in Polygon” for more details.

3) The network's native gas token

Depositing, claiming prizes, and withdrawing money are all transactions that have a network fee attached to them. This fee (gas) is independent from Wooy.
To deposit crypto via Polygon, you’ll need a small amount of MATIC (this network's native gas token) in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.